UAV Hive is the creation of Ian Hudson, a child of the 1980s computer scene, early in his career as a computer software tester Ian won individual achievement awards from British Telecom and Ideas UK.

Ian was at the heart of 3D Robotics’ user community, feeding back views on the Iris and Solo drones, even coining the nickname “The Guinnmeister” for Colin Guinn, one of the pioneers of the drone scene.

In 2017-18, Ian helped initiate and was part of the task-force for Bradford’s bid for the Department for Transport’s Flying High Challenge, the bid was successful.

Ian has assisted journalists and academics with their understanding of drone technology and has a track record of highlighting flawed data, for example he was the first voice (via BBC News) to raise concerns with the BALPA sponsored drone impact study in 2017, with only 30 minutes to digest the summary report he identified that the 4kg projectile used for the study did not reflect a consumer drone of that time and that the test methodology was concerning given the conclusions being touted. The Drone Manufacturers Alliance Europe (DMAE) voiced the same concerns in the following weeks. This in time led to a journalist uncovering that the report did not show that an airliner window could be penetrated by a consumer drone.

In 2015, Ian highlighted that the claim made to the House of Lords that there had been a death from a consumer drone was false, the BBC corrected their report as a result.

In his spare time Ian is a keen videographer and editor with a passion for modifying vintage anamorphic lenses and using those to shoot music videos.

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