Whilst the growth in multicopter sales has resulted in much more content on YouTube and Vimeo it can’t help but be noticed that the majority is mundane and lacks much entertainment value.  For research on the following tips I watched no less than 15 pages of Vimeo multicopter videos, I was in such despair I’d have gladly watched 24 hours of Eastenders back to back instead.

Here’s our top 5 tips for making a UAV video that truly sucks:

1) Turn the video camera on, catching your own cheesy face whilst keeping the entire take off in the video without editing it out.

2) Make sure the only soundtrack is the noise from the propellers.

3) Record at 25/30 FPS to ensure jello is most likely to occur.

4) Don’t bother with any vibration dampening or a gimbal.  Ideally position the camera so it gets a good view of the propellers, as the less visibility there is for the viewer the more annoying the video will be.

5) Move the multicopter about often avoiding a straight line so as to make the viewer as disorientated as possible.

We hope these top tips aid you in uploading the suckiest videos possible.