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Busy building & testing

The contributors here at UAV Hive are busy at the moment, playing with goodies such as the Go Pro Zenmuse, the cheaper Tarot gimbal, plus trying the iOSD on the Naza 2.  There are so few hours in the day, for building, flying and blogging.

DJI makes Robocop style “Directive 4” a reality in firmware change for China

The latest firwmare change made by DJI, reads like a Robocop Directive 4, in a nutshell, a directive has been added to the flight computer to prevent it flying “within the radius of 15Km from Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China” this restriction will override Wookong flight computers used in the S800 which are used by TV companies and third party film crews around the world. Has DJI been leaned on by the Chinese government? You can see details of the […]

Get ready for the day when you join the fly-away club…

The fly away is a concept that people into UAV flying think only happens to someone else, wrong, it’s a risk taken every time a UAV is put into the sky, albeit by following pre-flight procedures the chances can be reduced (for example ensuring a good GPS lock), by having tracking devices the odds of recovering an errant UAV can be greatly increased. A user called Zenaidura carolinensis (try saying that name whilst drunk) on the Openpilot forum worded such […]

Naza-M Firmware 3.14 released – Improves support for gimbals

DJI has released a new firmware which will be of benefit for Zenmuse H3-2D owners, get it from here: WHAT’S NEW? FIRMWARE Optimize the compatibility for Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal. Add calibration function of X1 channel(X1 is used for pitch control of normal gimbal and Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal). Change the default aircraft type to X4, instead of I4.