3rd party developer finds a critical bug in DJI’s API

A critical bug was found in DJI’s API, the API is a layer between the software and the flight controller that allows applications to easily interact without the need for code being written to execute on the flight controller itself.

The bug was announced not by DJI but by Autoflight who write applications that provide additional functionality for DJI products, the bug could impact any number of applications though, not just Autoflight’s software.

Any application accessing the command enableVirtualStickControlModeWithCompletion is at risk.


Autoflight reported that the bug could result in the loss of a DJI copter in the following circumstances:

We discovered a DJI firmware issue that prevents the aircraft from executing Return-to-Home (RTH) on RC signal loss when any third-party app is connected via the SDK. Our testing does show that RTH will activate when the critical battery level is reached (configured in DJI GO), but this may result in the loss of your aircraft if the home location is too distant.

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