First reviews of the Phantom 4 are positive

The first reviews for DJI’s new Phantom 4 have been positive overall. It has been noted the object avoidance won’t necessarily see thin objects like wires or branches and that the tracking can lose its subject; for most people these are relatively small niggles but potential buyers should be aware the new features are not fool proof.

Gizmodo managed to crash their Phantom 4 whilst testing it, albeit their reviewer was flying in sports mode where the collision detection doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, The Verge scored the Phantom 4 an impressive 9 out 10.

The form factor of the Phantom 4 isn’t for everyone, commercial operators for example may still prefer the Inspire due to its more professional looks, better handling in high winds and the fact props are far less likely to get in shot.

The Phantom 4 retails in the UK for £1229.

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