GoPro announce their new drone is called Karma

It’s been known for a while that GoPro are planning a drone for 2016, few details are known about it, other than the name, which has been revealed to be Karma.

Developing a drone from scratch with its own software is no easy feat, a check on only found job adverts for GoPro’s drone team in San Mateo California, going back just over 4-5 months covering hardware and firmware, with the test lead jobs being more recent.    This suggests either GoPro have started the drone from existing hardware and/or software to have something working so fast, maybe open source, or it could even suggest the claimed real footage was a marketing mock up and wasn’t really taken from a GoPro drone.

GoPro’s share price has been taking a severe hit with the price falling 75% over the last year, with over 50% of that over the last three months, you would imagine GoPro is under pressure to prove it has some innovating ideas for 2016, which is likely the reason GoPro has revealed the name for its drone.  Still, a name alone isn’t going to wow investors, on the Karma announcement today GoPro’s share price initially fell before recovering losses in later trading.

If GoPro truly has a working drone now, why are there no teaser shots of the drone itself or any tangible technical details to excite investors?  If the GoPro Karma is still in early development then how realistic is 2016 given the challenges of hardware and software development and testing?

> Update 11/12/15 – Speculation by analysts that Apple may buy out GoPro pushed the share price upwards over 11%, the share price however is still considerably lower than it was even a month ago.

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