New product from DJI called Demorpheus

Demorpheus TrademarkDJI has recently registered the trademark for a new product called Demorpheus, the description for which suggests it is a new flight controller or add-on sensor unit, possibly a consumer version of Manifold which is an embedded Linux computer used with DJI’s Matrice 100.  As seen in DJI’s Matrice and also 3DR’s Solo, companion computing seems to be the future with tasks such as advanced navigation and image recognition offloaded to companion CPUs running flavours of Linux so a consumer version of the Manifold would make sense.

The registration in truth for the Demorpheus could be anything up to a full multicopter.  The description for the product is as follows:

Data processing apparatus; computer memory devices, namely, computer memory hardware; computer software for the operation and development of drones and robots; central processing units; computers; printed circuits; audio-receivers and video-receivers; sound recording apparatus; cameras; stands for photographic apparatus; cases for photographic apparatus; cases adapted for photographic equipment; electric batteries; memory cards for cameras; downloadable music files; downloadable image files containing images related to drones, robotics, photography, and videography; downloadable multimedia file containing video relating to drones, robotics, photography, and videography; computer peripheral devices; altimeters; antennas and aerials; automatic pilots; azimuth measuring instruments; flight controlling apparatus; automatic flight control and pilot systems comprising computer hardware and software for controlling the flight of aircraft, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), drones, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS); flight simulators for aircraft; inertial measurement units; inertial navigational or guidance instruments; integrated circuits; navigational instruments; radar apparatus; remote control apparatus for aircraft, drones, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS), and robots; sonar; sonar equipment and parts thereof; speedometers; sound recording apparatus; measuring apparatus, namely, to measure altitude, location, speed, acceleration, orientation, light, sound, heat, magnetics, vision, and motion; motion detection sensors; electronic sensors, namely, optical sensors, audio sensors, and proximity sensors

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