DJI announces a new product, having trademarked the OSMO handheld gimbal

On the 22nd July DJI registered the trademark OSMO following on from having submitted the trademark for MATRICE, the OSMO is detailed as being a handheld gimbal with a feature list that suggests it could even have add-ons for underwater use, finally allowing DJI’s camera to take on the GoPro in all conditions.

The words used in the application to describe the device were:

Camera gimbals; handheld camera gimbals; camera mounting devices; support devices for camera stabilization; devices for gyro stabilization; pan tilt head; gimbal head; audio and video receivers; sound recording apparatus; cinematographic cameras; photographic cameras; camcorders; video recorders; stands for photographic apparatus; tripods for cameras; cases for photographic apparatus and instruments; camera cases; optical lenses; camera lenses; batteries; Optical apparatus and instruments, namely, optical ports for underwater photography, dome ports for underwater photography, wet diopters, adapter lenses for underwater photography; Blank flash memory cards; downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application for the operation and control of cinematographic cameras, photographic cameras, camcorders, and video recorders; downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application for the recording, filming, viewing, and editing of photographic and cinematographic images and footage

You can read the full filing here:

Finally the video above ranks highest on YouTube for a search on DJI OSMO, suggesting OSMO is within the metatags, either that or it’s a one in a million coincidence…

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