3DR Solo Firmware 1.1.12 adds PAL support and much more

It’s been some time now since the last Solo firmware and app update but thankfully the new update adds plenty of fixes and enhancements that will be welcomed by Solo owners.

For people in the UK, the EU and beyond, PAL support is the headline to be taken from the new firmware, whilst for everyone the crash detection code is going to be especially welcome. This crash detection code will disarm the Solo if it crashes and flips preventing damage to the motors, there was a worry that this could prevent the Solo from recovering from mid-air impacts (like the one on the video above) but there is a two second delay to prevent false positives which will hopefully still allow for such recoveries.

One of the surprise omissions from the previous app features has finally been plugged, the Return to Launch (RTL) height has now been increased to 25m (and can be increased further), previously it was 15m, which is lower than a number of trees so really was a bad decision, now the Solo even flies 10m higher than its current height even if that exceeds the minimum.

Overall we’d rate this firmware at first glance as verging on “awesome sauce” simply for getting the Solo to a point where hopefully its initial teething problems are now resolved.

Read the full list of fixes here:

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