Updates on the 3DR Solo

The 3D Robotics Solo made a good start at NAB winning the best drone award, a day after NAB, 3DR mentioned on social media that they plan an endurance pack as an upgrade path for those needing it, consisting of stronger motors and a higher capacity battery, presumably designed for heavier lift, hopefully allowing some more camera options.  A welcome design feature on the Solo is that each motor can be removed simply by unscrewing with no soldering being necessary.

If there was a winner to be picked at NAB between 3DR and DJI for buzz generated, there can be no doubt 3DR snatched it.  Discussion on the internet expressed disappointment with DJI, with an almost embarrassing lack of knowledge being demonstrated on the new Phantom 3, in an interview with Jim Bowers (Demunseed), Randy Jay Braun of DJI in response to a question on the fragile design of the gimbal cable suggested that DJI customers “should learn how to fly properly… try not to hit things and crash into the ground.” which is what we call in the UK “an own goal” meanwhile Colin Guinn was pushing 3DR’s customer support and 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee, in addition to which a flyaway replacement warranty is provided.  The Solo comes with a 12 month warranty which is the longest RTF product warranty 3DR has offered to date.

The UK retail price is expected to be a little over £700 without a gimbal with Wex and Currys being amongst the retail outlets stocking the Solo.

Unlike the IRIS, that had a heavy Peli style case, the Solo has a practical looking backpack that photographer Giulio Sciorio Tweeted in use recently as he’s trying out the Solo.

We’ll have more news as we get it…





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