Inspire Back On Track After Firmware v1.2.0.16?

Calm has returned to the various Inspire groups in the the last 24+ hours, whilst it could simply be down to users being more cautious and some waiting for their prop locks, there are still people flying and uploading video to YouTube and thus far trouble free.

Initially there were some reports of the GPS dropping out following the recent firmware release, however, there are not enough reports to suggest it is a trend, if the GPS does drop out the Inspire will change to altitude hold mode.

The events of the past week have caused some users to return or cancel orders but for the most part users seem willing to be patient and have welcomed the fact that DJI has been more open and honest than it has appeared to be in the past.

Questions still genuinely remain over the testing of the Inspire, DJI’s own support people that claimed to have tested the Inspire didn’t have genuine production models until a few days ago so cannot have tested on the same firmware and hardware set-up as those customers received.  A pre-production model with daily firmware changes doesn’t count as testing the final product, also the claims of the length of testing don’t add up, with DJI’s support claiming they’d tested for 3 months, then saying they received their test units in November, given the final production models were in the hands of users by the first few days of January you’re looking at 2 months tops.

On a positive note, there are some user videos now appearing which look really rather good such as the one above from Santa Cruz Habour.

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