It wasn’t so long since that we had no choice but to Photoshop an imaginary image of what 3D Robotics future tutorials would look like with Colin Guinn back at the helm of a multicopter marketing team, however, now it’s for real.

It’s strange to see Colin no longer being the face of DJI but keeping to form with both a workbench with a logo background and flying on a field whilst demonstrating the IRIS+.  There is a sad loss to be reported however, Colin’s single hammer that was never used, has vanished (boo hiss).

An interesting feature for current IRIS owners is shown in the latest video, there’s now a lot of useful telemetry going straight to the transmitter meaning for the IRIS+ you won’t need an OSD or Android device for information such as the number of satellites locked or the quadcopter’s battery voltage.

Along with the new tutorials 3DR now have a new logo too, albeit there was nothing wrong with the old one, arguably it was better, but you know marketing folk, they love a re-branding.

In related news, DJI has recently cut its prices in a number of territories and is offering free delivery in the UK, DJI has also started its own forum, could DJI be worried by 3DR’s recent marketing success and good after sales support?  3DR have been supporting IRIS customers on Facebook, a level of customer interaction which is unheard of in the industry, Colin Guinn in his first tutorial video even advises customers to make use of the support ticket system when they need help.

Like 3DR, DJI has recently created its own online store selling direct to customers, this however seems an odd move as DJI is now competing against its own independent dealer supply chain thus potentially damaging their businesses and where will that leave DJI’s customer support which is regularly reported as being slow to respond and generally less than helpful?

One thing is for sure, multicopter customers have been crying out for better customer support and more reliable products, whoever delivers that will end up the market leader.