Richard Branson invests in 3D Robotics

Yesterday billionaire Sir Richard Branson announced on Twitter and on the Virgin website that he was investing in 3D Robotics and he’d invited the 3DR team including Chris Anderson and Colin Guinn to his home on Necker Island.

The story is on the Virgin website here:

Sir Richard Branson is possibly the most high profile figure to have become involved in the multicopter industry and it must surely be a significant achievement for 3D Robotics to have an investor of his calibre.  On Twitter Branson has 4.4 million followers and his Virgin brand is known globally, generally the brand has a good reputation though commuters on Virgin Trains may disagree.

One thing is for sure, Branson knows how to engage the media and he is the kind of character that can argue convincing for the 99% positive uses that multicopters have, which could be useful to counter many of the poorly researched, scare mongering stories in the press that all too often misrepresent an important hobby and business for many.

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