Colin Guinn announces

This week has been running some live broadcasts from the drone/UAV industry.  Last night Colin Guinn was speaking about 3D Robotics products and developments in his first public online appearance (that we know of) since his departure from DJI.

An interesting announcement made by Colin was the website that will show people’s flights online using their telemetry log files. Already DJI owners have a similar facility via a product called Flytrex, albeit that’s at an extra cost, whereas logging is built in on the APM and Pixhawk controllers.

A feature of note, that was promised, was heuristic analysis of possible vehicle problems, which would use the log file data to identify possible problems with your multicopter, say a motor pulling too many amps. Colin said such warnings could eventually be sent from the website as push messages.

The website isn’t truly all brand new as it appears to have been picked up by 3DR having to date being primarily developed by Kevin Hester (who also did Andropilot, the Android ground control station).

Read more about the details on Droneshare on the blog posted by Kevin here.

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