3D Robotics IRIS to get enhancements this year

One of the reasons we’ve not got around to doing a full IRIS review was we wanted to do so with a gimbal of our choosing installed on the IRIS as the 2 Axis Tarot fine though it is, is long in the tooth now in this fast moving industry.

So we’ve been holding off to see if 3D Robotics could come up with a solution to the problem users in general were reporting, that once a gimbal was installed on the IRIS, flight time was greatly reduced and landing and takeoff especially in high winds could be dicey.

Vu Trans who is the director of 3D Robotics support posted on the IRIS Facebook Page to tell users that an update is due before Q4 of this year.

He said of the strategy behind the IRIS “IRIS was released so that more people could have the experience of drone flight, not only by RC, but autonomously. Autonomous flight is truly the defining reason of why our little flying robots will create new industries, change current industries, and eventually, our lives. It was a conscious decision with IRIS to strike a balance between autonomous functionality, flight time, and price.”

Of the improvements to the IRIS he promised that “I’m happy to inform you that we’re making enhancements to IRIS that will provide longer flight times and better usability. We’re improving the power system, reducing the weight, and adding screw-on props. For the current owners, fear not because most of the improvements are compatible with your current vehicle! Look out for the enhancements before 4Q 2014!!”

As yet there’s been no details about whether these enhancements will be available free or highly subsidised to existing IRIS owners, given these enhancements will be necessary for the IRIS to be fit for purpose for video use we can only hope so.

To date 3D Robotics has been generous in making minor upgrades available for free but this is the most significant change to the IRIS to date, it is a fair argument for existing owners to say had the IRIS been tested with a gimbal properly to begin with then this upgrade wouldn’t be necessary.

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