Using a custom GoPro on a gimbal

Most GoPro gimbals, even the DJI Zenmuse, generally are not capable of working well with a heavily modified GoPro, this is a frustration as the GoPro’s built in F2.8 wide angle lens, whilst sharp and able to cope with flare fairly nicely, just stands out as being obvious GoPro footage, the wide angle look for some shots is great but in general it is too excessive. Removing fisheye in post production is a workflow overhead and also isn’t perfect, it’s never going to be as precise as having glass on the GoPro which isn’t fisheye to begin with.

For aerial photography the possibility of unleashing the GoPro’s full potential is difficult to realise, there is the very well designed Ribcage modification for the GoPro by the clever people in Canada at but this is too heavy for the Zenmuse. Then there is the Letus AnamorphX which is a new very funky piece of glass which is an anamorphic adapter that allows a GoPro to get the cinema like 2.35:1 aspect ratio and the sci-fi style horizontal lens flares, but that weighs a huge amount and would simply not work on a Zenmuse, Tarot or numerous other GoPro gimbals.

We’d almost given up on any hope of using a custom GoPro, then we stumbled on a gimbal that might just solve the problem… We’ll post more details once we’ve tested it properly.

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