New lease of life for servo gimbals?

Just when you thought servo gimbals were dead, a new Indiegogo project is here to prove otherwise, SERVOSTAB is a new design based on servo technology that has a built-in gyroscope which detects any rotation. Gyroscope data is processed by a microcontroller and the motor is driven to compensate external rotation.  SERVOSTAB works in two different modes.  The first mode is full camera stabilisation. The second mode is follow stabilisation, when only too fast movements and shaking are stabilized while the camera smoothly follows the movements of the operator.

It’s interesting to note that it’s claimed the benefit of the SERVOSTAB is that it’s very powerful.  It can stabilise most DSLR cameras and does not require precise camera balancing.

The project says it will go ahead irrespective of whether Indiegogo funding succeeds but obviously it’ll greatly slow down the delivery of the final product without the funding.

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