DJI Release 3 axis H3-3D but it may not answer your gimbal prayers

Many DJI users have been waiting for what feels like an eternity for a 3D gimbal, i.e. one which can pan to deal with yaw wobble and also to allow a smooth 360 yaw as the Naza does tend to yaw at a fast rate even when gentle on the sticks.

DJI yesterday announced the H3-3D on its website and via social media, details of which can be found here:

Unfortunately judging by the information being made available and the video demonstration being shown it looks like the gimbal does nothing more than reduce/eliminate the small wobble you’d sometimes get on the yaw, given this can often be removed in post, it’s a welcome feature but really only a minor step up from the H3-2D, if this is the case then it’s going to leave most users underwhelmed.  It’s worth adding, yaw wobble can almost be eliminated with gains set correctly on many multicopters.

Whilst professional users will welcome the potential time saved in post and not losing a small bit of quality from stabilisation, the consumer target market of the likes of the Phantom will unlikely see a justification in paying more.   Professional users will be disappointed at the lack of an ability to pan as with DJI’s other Zenmuse gimbals.  DJI has said it doesn’t intend to make a retractable gear for the gimbal and there’s no suggestion panning will be added in a future firmware.

So in a nutshell, the initial impression of this product’s potential is evolution not revolution.

User comments already have shown the apathy this feature alone has been met with on YouTube:

“i don’t get it. it looks like same stabilizaton as H3 2d axis.”

“I’m not seeing a difference between this one and the 2d. Is it just me?”

“Maybe I have to check my video again because I’ve never noticed a problem. I’d like to see side by side video shot at the same time. Wonder if it’s worth the extra money.”

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