DJI Lightbridge – 1080p wireless at a fair price?

Of the products in 2014 so far from DJI, the Lightbridge looks the most exciting, to date transmitting 1080p video via wireless has been expensive and typically transmission has been over relatively short distances.

The Lightbridge uses 2.4G radio technology with the standard 5dbi omnidirectional antenna having an affective transmission distance of up to 1.05 miles with the possibility to increase this to 3.1 miles with an optional 14dbi antenna.

Whilst it remains to be seen if the distances DJI claim will live up to reality, even if they’re 50% close the product would provide a fair value.

There is some latency, but it appears low enough for framing for sure and possibly even FPV.  This piece of video tech is definitely on our wish list.

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