DJI disqualifies “cheaters” in Phantom video competition

DJI recently set up a competition ( to encourage Phantom owners to submit videos, the winners were supposed to be the top 10 based on likes.  Unfortunately YouTube can be abused and there are websites where likes can be purchased, this tactic however was given away when some entries had far more likes than views.

For videos with more likes than views, Danny Zheng at DJI (according to the Phantom User’s Facebook page) has said those videos will be disqualified.

It does seem strange to have a competition based on views or likes alone as it’s well known that YouTube statistics do get manipulated and it does take time to address.  YouTube last year removed billions of views as reported in the press, here in NME for example:

Given in real life, people on YouTube aren’t that keen on signing in and clicking like, any video with more than 25% likes to views is questionable.

There is a degree of disappointment from entrants that the videos weren’t judged by a panel including cinema-photographers.

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