Get ready for the day when you join the fly-away club…

The fly away is a concept that people into UAV flying think only happens to someone else, wrong, it’s a risk taken every time a UAV is put into the sky, albeit by following pre-flight procedures the chances can be reduced (for example ensuring a good GPS lock), by having tracking devices the odds of recovering an errant UAV can be greatly increased.

A user called Zenaidura carolinensis (try saying that name whilst drunk) on the Openpilot forum worded such incidents in a manner that sums up the experience:

To an end user a “fly-away” can be embarrassing, scary, and eye opening all at the same time. As a first hand witness to one I can also attest to the fact that there is a certain helplessness felt as you watch a bird liberate itself to the heavens. In that split second, your heart sinks, your copters life flashes before your eyes and you go into instant panic mode wondering where it will land. Zen and I wish that feeling upon no one and as such we want to help get a handle on what causes these events.

To help address this problem the Fly Away Club, a website to record these incidents on all types of hardware be it open source or commercial has been set-up.

It’s a shame DJI as the largest business selling UAV technology to hobbyists haven’t admitted this problem or tried to collect user feedback to input into its own testing process, nonetheless it’s good to see the open source community being pro-active where UAV businesses are more interested in burying their head in the sand.

Read the details on the Fly Away Club here:

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