Sky News on foiled RC bomb plot in Europe

Sky News has today reported that an RC (Radio Controlled) model bomb plot has been foiled in Europe: such negative stories about the use of RC models are always a concern especially in the UK where knee jerk legislation is an ongoing risk.

There is a fair degree of ignorance about the potential risks of RC flying and the limitations any model has.  Recently the Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt attacked personal UAV use, but given Google has a business for its own mapping service which makes financial gain from selling aerial images this is no surprise, misinformation is often used when targeting a hobby.  For one the suggestion by Schmidt that UAVs can fly “all day” is nothing sort of science fiction, at the moment a typical flight time is 10 minutes and to get that means using a very light airframe.  The fact RC models need very light airframes and generally have short flight times means their potential for misuse is far more limited than you’d imagine.

In looking at negative press one should also consider the benefits of any technology and consider that in difficult to reach areas in Africa consumer style UAVs have been used to carry medicine to save lives as reported by the BBC: even in this story the talk of flights taking hours must be a multi-staged flight stopping at points for batteries to be replaced.


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