5 reasons the GoPro 3 isn’t God’s gift to action cameras

The GoPro 3, if the reviews after its release were to be believed, was the answer, was the Holy Grail of action video photography, the truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect video camera and there are always pros and cons and the GoPro 3 has its fair share of problems, here are some to consider.

1) The lens is not fast, i.e it doesn’t let through as much light as it could, the lens of the Hero 3 is reported as being an F2.8 which means it is not suitable for low light video.  Some specialist retailers such as Ragecams in the US are offering faster replacement glass.

2) The wide angle view isn’t to everyone’s taste and the level of distortion can actually be a distraction when watching aerial videos.

3) The dynamic range of the sensor appears limited with detail being lost especially where there’s contrasting brightness in the image.

4) The battery life is poor even with Wi-Fi off and swapping batteries can be a hassle.

5) Micro SD cards which the GoPro uses are easier to lose and feel more fragile than standard SD cards.  Admittedly this is a minor quibble.


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